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Titel: How to get my tunes played on Radio Regentrude?
Beitrag von: Urmeline am Juli 17, 2014, 11:24:33 Vormittag
You would love your tunes to be played on our webradio station?

We are always looking forward to new songs suitable to be presented to our listeners. We are working together with a radio station of a large hospital in Hamburg and our daily shows are transmitted there from 4 p. m. until midnight.

We are playing music of artists from all over the world, well known ones as well as artists, who just started in the music business.   :muson

The tunes must be of high recording quality (no home-recording of lower quality, no live-tracks, no songs with background noise), high-quality mixing / mastering.

In case of cover-versions you should have the written consent of the author of the original track to produce a cover song.

Competent handling of instruments and singing voice must be given.

No lyrics inviting to use drugs, no lyrics describing murder, suicide, bloody sceneries or cruelty etc. , no content harmful to young persons, no songs about sexistic attitude, no anti-immigrant content, no  right-wing extremist content etc.

You think your tunes would perfectly match our programme?  :musicnote

Please contact us via Email ( Please do not forget to add some of your songs and a short info about yourself.

We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.



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